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Nihon Jujutsu is a system of self-defense based on techniques found in modern and historical Japanese martial arts. Training includes evasion, striking, throwing, and immobilization.

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Image Gallery of Jujutsu technique (waza), Japanese Scenery, Important Martial Arts figures, and more!

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INJA Information | Learn about our founder Satoh Shizuya, our Shihan John Gage, our heritage, and our affiliations.

Sato Shizuya, Founder Nihon Jujutsu (1929 - 2011)


Sato Shizuya, born 1929 in Tokyo, Japan, is the founder of Nihon Jujutusu. Learn more about Satoh Sensei here.

John B. Gage Shihan


John Gage is Senior Instructor (Shihan) of the International Nihon Jujutsu Association. Read more about Gage Sensei here.



The following world-renown Japanese martial artists influenced or directly contributed to the development of Nihon Jujutsu.



The following masters of Japanese traditional martial arts, Judo and Aikido particularly, provided guidance and inspiration for Sato Sensei and the creation Nihon Jujutsu.



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